From carve-outs into growth companies

Verso is the only European private equity company that is actively investing in carve-outs.

Why are we alone in this? We have extensive experience and expertise in finding and carving out parts of large companies that are no longer their core operations. Our partners know how to carry out a carve-out quickly and cost-effectively. Our team has been involved in dozens of acquisitions and divestments.

We are actively contacting large companies in Europe. We tell them our story. We usually hear that there has been a need for our expertise for years, and the companies immediately want to discuss a few projects.

Large companies always have operations that are not given opportunities to grow. There are many reasons for this. Management and sales are focusing on the core operations, which also take up most of the resources. The businesses may still be in so early stage that they do not get the attention of sales. And the company’s clients may not be the right target group for the business. Non-core operations usually arise from a technological invention, but assets are not allocated to business development and international expansion.

Such operations usually wither away or are discontinued. They are often too small for typical buyers to be interested in acquiring them.

We are looking for such operations.

Why are we the only one? We have strong experience and expertise in finding and carving out parts of large companies that are no longer their core operations.

How is a carve-out carried out in practice?

We negotiate with the company on the best way to carry out the transaction. There are many options. We can carve out an individual business operation and its employees and client base from the company, or we can buy only the intellectual property rights – that is, the technology.

During the negotiations, we also seek to commit the core team to the company, and then we establish a new company. We determine a strategy, vision and business plan for that company.

We ensure financing for the new company, apply a professional approach to the board of directors’ work, plan and implement international sales and marketing, offer financial management services, take care of recruitment and engagement, and assess opportunities for supplementary acquisitions. And much more.

Our goal is to develop carve-outs rapidly into international growth companies and increase their net sales to EUR 10–30 million over a few years.

We have excellent examples of carve-outs that have multiplied their net sales in just a few years.

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