Nextfour is a Finnish hi-tech company known for its successful and awarded multifunctional Q Experience marine displays. The easy-to-use user interface makes navigation simple and smooth, being the first marine display that brings the familiar automotive-like user experience to boating by integrating the on-board computer, chart plotter, guard and entertainment system in one single device.


Vetrospace Oy

Vetrospace is a pioneer in designing safe, productive, and functional modular microenvironments for public and private sector organisations. The company’s ISO-7 cleanroom certified phonebooths and meeting rooms create a unique controlled microenvironment that minimises the transmission of and actively eliminates harmful bacteria, viruses and particles from the air and from surfaces, while industry leading air quality and sound isolation improve productivity in all-day use.


Solutions for tomorrow

Solutions for tomorrow designs and builds leading mobile X-ray systems that unlock the potential of mobile digital radiography both inside and outside hospitals.


Atrinet Ltd.

Atrinet is a leading provider of Network Management Technologies and Outsourced Maintenance Services to Telecommunication Service Providers and Network Equipment Vendors.

Atrinet introduces programmability and automated service delivery to telecom networks, leveraging the power of Software Defined Networks (SDN) to reduce the cost and complexity of deploying and operating networks. Backed by Nokia Solutions & Networks, Atrinet provides cost-efficient Network Management Solutions & Services to over 40 equipment vendors and telecommunication service providers worldwide.


Cloudstreet Oy

Cloudstreet directly addresses the need for mobile operators to deliver customer-oriented, differentiated quality of service within their networks, providing guaranteed connection quality and speed dynamically while effectively balancing network traffic and data demand. The Cloudstreet customers are mobile network operators selling the guaranteed capacity to their business and consumer customers.

Cloudstreet started as an innovative cloud service idea in the SiliconValley campus of Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) startups in 2010 and was spun off from NSN in 2012.


Exit 2020

Dedicated Network Partners Oy

Dedicated Network Partners Oy targets a leading position in providing network equipment for mission critical communications to utilities and corporations in industries such as power, oil, gas, mining and transportation. Building on 30 years of Nokia, Siemens, and Nokia Siemens Networks heritage, the company develops and sells the Connection Master product family, which enables a migration path replacement of the globally widely deployed but now receding Dynanet and FMX2 products from Nokia Siemens Networks.


Environics Oy

Environics Oy is a leading developer of gas detection and analyzer devices and systems, with over 15,000 devices and systems deployed globally. The devices and systems are used to identify and measure Chemical, Biological, Nuclear and Radiation (CBRN) substances. The technology developed by the company provides significant customer benefits such as improved accuracy and cost efficiency compared to other technologies.



Emberion develops and produces graphene photonics and electronics that will revolutionise infrared photodetectors and thermal sensors in applications ranging from hyperspectral and thermal imaging to night vision and X-ray detection. The company delivers tailored, high-quality solutions for those in need of superior technical performance and improved return-on-investment in R&D.



Everon is the leader in Wireless Mobile Telecare. Everon provides leading edge intelligent, cloud based wireless elderly care solutions for home care and care homes. Everon’s solutions provide increased quality of life and security for the customers while automating routine work for the caregivers, leaving more time to spend with customers.

Story of Everon


Flexmill Oy

Flexmill is an international growth company, serving some of the world’s largest aerospace, marine, and energy companies. The company combines robotics and machine vision with sensor and software technology in mechanical engineering and automates critical production phases. 2017  

Exit 2022


Ginolis provides cutting-edge automation solutions for the critical quality diagnostic and medical device industries. From standard products to customized systems, Ginolis offers an extensive range of solutions based on its modular automation platforms. The company owns patents in dispensing, micro fabrication and precision robotics. 2017

Exit 2021

pakadoo GmbH

pakadoo develops and sells innovative last mile logistics SW solutions. The solution enables corporates and SME’s to automate their on-premise delivery of parcels, and employees to direct their personal parcels to work or public smart lockers. pakadoo is well positioned in a rapidly growing market driven by global megatrends. Online shopping drives rapid parcel delivery growth while increased delivery traffic being is being curbed by big city environmental regulation. 2018


Varaani is a global provider of award-winning cloud storage solutions for consumers and SME’s that securely stores and automatically backs up all the user’s content from different devices and allows them to access, consume and share it securely on any of their devices. The rapid increase of smartphones and tablets and digitalisation of content has led to a situation where the digital image of our lives, or the SME company data, is stored in pieces in our devices, with very few bothering to back them up. The award winning Varaani solution automates this tedious task, making Varaani the leading vendor in this explosively growing market by 2020. 2017  

Boftel Oy

Boftel Oy is a service company focused on Managed Telecom Lifecycle Services in the Nordic, Baltic, Western and Eastern European countries including Russia. Boftel services cover the entire sphere of telecom network management, from the operations and maintenance, to optimization and implementation services. Boftel employs 116 experienced telecom services professionals. In addition, they closely cooperate with their expanding partner network of the leading telecom product and services vendors. 2012

Exit 2016

Cumulocity Gmbh

Cumulocity Gmbh is a Sofware-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that has developed the leading cloud computing based Internet of Things (IoT) solution deployment environment. Cumulocity’s origins as part of Nokia, the world's mobile broadband specialist, gives the company the experience of managing networks of millions of devices in a reliable, rapidly scalable and flexible manner. Cumulocity Software-as-a-Service offerings fundamentally reduce complexity and makes Internet-of-Things technology affordable to everyone. 2013

Exit 2017

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