Verso – Building international growth companies

We are a private equity company that creates international growth companies by spinning off or investing in businesses that are not currently living up to their full potential. We are an active investor: we help accelerate the growth of the business, working with the management as a team. We are looking for business operations to spin off from larger companies, and growth companies that are ready to take growth leaps.


Spin-offs – Going and growing strong

Verso is the only private equity company that is actively investing in smaller, high-growth spin-offs in Europe. We have strong experience and expertise in finding and carving out parts of large companies that are no longer their core operations.

Growth companies – Potential for international breakthroughs

Most companies seeking international markets have similar challenges: limited funding, challenges in building international sales channels, as well as a need for a more professional approach to the board of directors’ work. In other words, there are hindrances and obstacles to growth. We can help.


Core promise:

We help spin-offs and growth companies seize and deliver on growth opportunities.

Our values:

Reliability, transparency and integrity.


A new high-tech growth company emerges in Finland

Flexmill’s clients include major companies in the international aerospace, marine, and energy sectors.

A new high-tech growth company was founded in Finland when one of JOT Automation’s business units was carved out from the company through a business transfer. The business unit’s core team also transferred to the new company, Flexmill.

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A new leap for a growth company: No more penny-pinching

The well-being technology company Everon is aiming to challenge the big players in the sector with the help of a private equity investor. Everon specialises in developing technology solutions for elderly care. The company is investing strongly in product development and international growth

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