Verso – Building international growth companies

Verso Capital is a growth stage buy-out investor focusing on European B2B businesses with growth bottlenecks

We invest primarily into businesses that have up to 50M of revenue, but currently have growth bottlenecks hindering business performance.

We specialise in growth stage carve-outs in Europe

We acquire businesses that are not performing optimally in their current environment. With more than 100 carve-outs and M&A transactions done by our team, we have extensive experience in building and executing even challenging carve-outs quickly and effectively.

We re-shape the business to build value

We are the majority owner of our portfolio companies and spend a significant amount of our time working with the management to solve growth and profitability challenges and re-shaping the business. We have a long and proven track record in developing and growing international B2B businesses.

Creating long-term sustainable growth

We believe in creating long term sustainable growth and profitability and value for all stakeholders by emphasizing environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects and the impact they create as an integral part of our investment process. Our core values of integrity, transparency and reliability are the foundation of our daily work as a responsible owner, partner and corporate citizen towards all stakeholders.

Turning carve-outs into growth companies – How does VersoVentures do it?

Verso specialises in growing the offshoots of large corporations into global growth companies. How do Verso’s operations differ from those of conventional private equity firms? And how is a company built from a carve-out in practice? Founder Anssi Kariola answers these questions.

Watch Verso Managing Partner Anssi Kariola explain how Verso turns carve-outs into growth companies

How does an investor evaluate teams? Verso explains.

An effective team is pivotal to all corporate and investment activities. How does carve-out specialist Verso evaluate viable teams for the portfolio companies it invests in? Verso’s founder Anssi Kariola also discloses how far intuition can be relied on as a guideline when building a successful team.

Watch how an investor evaluates winning teams

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