Emberions’ new VIS-SWIR camera core presented at Photonics West

Emberion is happy to return to the world’s largest event for photonics industry SPIE Photonics West 2020 in San Francisco from February 4th to 6th. You’ll find us at Photonics Finland Pavilion at stand 5279.

We will be presenting in San Francisco our VIS-SWIR imaging products, most importantly our upcoming VGA camera core that is built around our inhouse designed nanotechnology based imager having fully optimized performance from the ROIC to the camera electronics. The VGA (640 x 512 pixels) camera core will have a spectral range spanning from 400 nm to 2000 nm with speed of 100 fps, and it will be compatible with a commercial off-the-self lens system and machine vision application development tools. Emberion’s VIS-SWIR camera core is well suited for various machine vision, hyperspectral imaging integration and surveillance applications and offers an affordable alternative for cameras based on InGaAs sensor technology. The product samples will be available in early fall 2020

We will also discuss our future product concepts in development for MWIR and broadband imaging. Beyond the VIS-SWIR products Emberion is also developing novel MWIR imaging technologies for the spectral range from 3 μm to 5 μm which operate without cryocooling. Emberion is also working on a concept extending beyond MWIR range to create a broadband camera based on our proprietary technologies enabling VIS, SWIR and thermal sensing with a single focal plane array. We believe this kind of broadband fused sensing will enable new opportunities and applications e.g. in automotive, medical, machine vision and spectral sensing. Emberion is collaborating closely with DSTL in UK and will also lead a project within EU Graphene Flagship Program to develop and commercialize this broadband sensing technology.

For additional information:
Email: sales@emberion.com
or visit Emberion at Photonics Finland pavilion 5279.