Ginolis brings high technology to the diagnostics industry

Bacteria that are immune to antibiotics and various disease epidemics are global challenges. Stopping them requires thorough and persistent research, but also faster and more reliable diagnostics.

This challenge is met by Ginolis, an Oulu-based company that designs and delivers automation lines to its customers who manufacture diagnostics rapid tests and medical devices, including insulin pumps.

The company’s automation lines utilize state-of-the-art technology that is used in the electronics industry. Also, the lines are customized from cost-effective modules that can easily be increased in number and, at the same time, in production capacity.

This allows Ginolis’ customers to respond to growing demand very quickly when needed.

“Such situations can include aggressive epidemics, which require quick and reliable rapid tests, but also sufficient production capacity to manufacture them,” explains Jorma Venäläinen, Ginolis Executive Vice President.

Great help for humankind

Ginolis technology also helps operators to provide flexible solutions that speed up diagnostics. As reliability improves, many basic samples can be taken by a rapid test at home without the need for separate laboratory visits.

“As the population ages, this is of great importance. The situation is similar in developing countries, for example, where people often live in extremely difficult conditions and far from services,” Venäläinen recalls.

Ginolis was originated a couple of years ago after the merger of Finnish GIN Oy and Swedish Sigolis. The strong export-oriented growth company has headquarters in Oulu and subsidiaries in Uppsala, San Diego and Suzhou, China.

Original text: Timo Sormunen